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POWER 98 has been entertaining radio audiences since 1994. Relaunched as POWER 98 LOVE SONGS in 2019, it’s now the first and only English station playing love songs all day. Enjoy a boosted POWER 98 experience with two other music streams - POWER 98 RETRO & POWER 98 RAW. Now you can tune in on air, online and the free app, CAMOKAKIS.
Feel the love, with POWER 98 LOVE SONGS.

The Power Breakfast Show

Mon-Fri, 6am-10am

Jeremy Ratnam

Start your day right with Jeremy Ratnam, as he checks in on the latest entertainment and sports news - and everything else in between! Plus, get all the news you might have missed overnight.

Power Lunch

Mon-Fri, 10am-2pm


Join JK, your on-air lunch buddy, as he shares the best makan places – from hawkers to secret gems; uncovers exciting weekend ideas for the family, reveals the most romantic paktor ideas, and gets you laughing along to hilarious office funnies. Power Lunch will keep you energised and feeling good so that you can power through the work day!

Non-Stop Power 98 Love Songs

Mon-Fri, 2pm-4pm


It's non-stop music for your after-lunch enjoyment every weekday. 

Power Cruisin'

Mon-Fri, 4pm-8pm

Mister Young

Wind down your day with loads of fun, entertainment and lifestyle news with Mister Young, as he also keeps you abreast in the world of gaming and shares tips on where you could be having dinner tonight!

Own Time Own Target

Mon-Fri, 8pm-9pm


What's the latest in the Singapore Armed Forces? How can you grab the best SAFRA deals? Stay tuned every weeknight from 8pm with JK as he hosts Own Time Own Target! It's one hour of the latest news in the Singapore Airforce, Navy and Army, along with exciting activities in and around SAFRA.

The Late Show

Mon-Fri, 9pm-midnight


There is always something for everyone in The Late Show with Joanna – all you have to do is just decide if you want to stay awake or go to sleep.
Photo of Juliet

Weekend Afternoons with Juliet

Sat-Sun, 1pm-5pm


Get your weekend fix with Juliet as she dishes out the best places to go and the best places to eat - for the young, the young-at-heart, and families with kids. Plus, you also get parenting and lifestyle tips! This mother of two is glad to be back on air on POWER 98 LOVE SONGS after accumulating more than a decade’s worth of parenting experience! Catch Weekend Afternoons With Juliet, Saturday and Sunday afternoons from 1pm to 5pm.

For The Love Of Music

Sat-Sun, 5pm-6pm


Catch the POWER 98 DJs as they showcase their favourite love songs and the stories behind each song.

POWER Top 20 Love Songs

Sat-Sun, 6pm-8pm


Find out what the hottest streamed love songs are this week in Singapore.

DJ Profiles



Jeremy Ratnam has been on radio for over 28 years and still entertains on-air and on stage. Highlights of his over a quarter of a century career includes hosting twice for the NDP, the Millennium Swing, interviewing superstars like Kylie, Savage Garden, Black Eyed Peas, Rihanna and many more! Jeremy has penned his own album back in 2000 and has churned out 3 singles to date. His love for astronomy is evident with his multitude of astrophotos on his social media and is the host of his weekly podcast SEEING STARS on the Camokakis App.

Jeremy Ratnam hosts the POWER BREAKFAST SHOW every weekday from 6am to 10am on POWER 98 LOVE SONGS and currently heard every Friday night from 8pm to 9pm on POWER 98 RETRO, dishing out acts form the 60s, 70s and 80s! And a thematic Retro Livestream every weekday from 10am!

The hats that JK wear are aplenty. Singapore Emcee, Radio DJ, Show Host, Video Presenter, Content Creator, (irresponsible) father of 2, (failed) weekend footballer, (responsible) cyclist, (fantastic) cook and (occasional) husband.

But it's in the media and events where he truly shines. On Air at Singapore's Power98 since 2010, hosting events from a young age, and excelling at hybrid events as a host since COVID-19.

If you're looking for a buddy to provide you with big laughs, great makan, and hilarious company, then join JK from 10am to 2pm, weekdays on POWER LUNCH! He also hosts OWN TIME OWN TARGET on weekdays from 8pm to 9pm on POWER 98 LOVE SONGS.

At the tender age of 10, Joanna began taking part in international singing competitions, which whisked her off to Las Vegas, Hong Kong, Taiwan and San Francisco. From touring local venues to singing to crowds of up to 8,000, she is a youthful veteran of live events. While pursuing her degree at the Singapore Management University, she started hosting her own 3-hour show on Sundays. It was soon evident that she was a natural on the airwaves and she joined the station as a full-time DJ right after graduating.

Joanna hosts THE LATE SHOW on weekdays from 9pm and 12MN on POWER 98 LOVE SONGS.

Photo of Juliet

Juliet Teo has been a DJ since 2002, but took a break to raise her 2 teens. She now has her own show on-air, does voice-overs and emcee hosting, as well as being the Chauffeur, Chef and Problem Solver at home.

Gathering experience from Life, she battled breast cancer in 2013 and is a proud Survivor. She loves good food, great friends, tennis and more than an occasional glass of wine! She firmly believes moderation is key and Life is too short to be stressed out all the time. And that the world needs more kindness from us all.


Tall, sporty, disciplined, well-mannered, Mister Young could very well be the type of guy you want to take home to meet your parents … until he opens his mouth. Quirky, flippant or just plain weird – call it what you want, he has been bringing his left-of-centre humour to radio for the past 23 years and counting. When he is not thinking about radio, this fitness buff, WWE fan and practitioner of combat sports, juggles being an MMA enthusiast, a comic book aficionado, a tech gadget freak and a video game junkie.

Mister Young hosts POWER CRUISIN’ every weekday from 4pm to 8pm on POWER 98 LOVE SONGS.

An avid music lover, this petite, cheerful girl-next-door was already a seasoned performer and singer when she joined the station in 2016. Besides being back-up volcalist for the likes of Stefanie Sun and Angela Zhang, Carmen has also released her own single and music video in 2017. Carmen loves to hang out with her friends over a cup of tea. She loves dogs and enjoys dancing (especially when no one is watching!)

For more information, please email us.


88.3JIA: 双语第一台, 双倍精彩

88.3JIA first rode the airwaves in 1995, before relaunching in 2007 as Singapore's only bilingual station. Featuring both Mandarin and English hits round the clock, it's now bigger and better as the “upsized” 88.3JIA experience offers more of everything. You have more variety with three other music streams - 88.3JIA Canto-pop, 88.3JIA K-pop and 88.3JIA 网曲 (WEB HITS) - giving you more ways to listen to your favourite songs on air, online and through the CAMOKAKIS App.

Image for 88.3JIA timebelt Jia Ming, Shu Hui and Ben


Mon-Fri, 6am-10am

Jia Ming 家铭, Shu Hui 淑慧, & Ben


Brighten up your day with your favourite morning trio! Let Ben, Shuhui and Jia Ming keep you company with a dose of positivity as you get ready for the day!

Resized image of Ivy


Mon-Fri, 10am-2pm

Ivy 艾薇

想吃什么? 该吃什么? 为什么? Ivy 同你无所不谈,就在早上10点到下午2点的“午间到”!

It's time for lunch! Join Ivy to discover fun facts and food places every weekday on The Lunch Affair.

Image for 88.3JIA timebelt Jiafa & Weibin


Mon-Fri, 4pm-8pm

Jiafa 家发 & Weibin 伟彬

《123下班咯》! 家发和伟彬准备了娱乐讯息和美食推荐,让你下班后能放轻松

It's time to knock off! Jiafa and Weibin keep you company on your drive home with the latest entertainment news and food recommendations.

For Nights Off (88.3JIA)

Nights Off

Mon-Fri, 8pm-9pm

Ben & Jimmy

DJ Ben与Jimmy轮流通过Nights Off,陪你回顾服役好时光,分享最新武装部队讯息,以及最新SAFRA优惠。

DJs Ben and Jimmy take turns to accompany you as you reminisce about your NS days, deliver the latest SAF news, and let you know more about the best SAFRA deals on Nights Off.


Mon-Fri, 9pm-midnight



Join Jimmy on the Big Night Hype (夜晚玩不完), where friends and fans can interact and have fun at night!

Sunday Fun轻松

Sun, 1pm-4pm

Kai Ying 恺缨


人生Fun轻松,与你分享世界发生的温馨正能量真实事件,以及PODCAST “OK人生“ 精彩片段。


Keep your weekends fun and carefree with Kaiying! She brings you inspirational stories, the latest health tips, and the best new places to check out - you’ll definitely be looking forward to every Sunday afternoon!

DJ Profiles



Jia Ming is always on a mission to expand his horizons. His positive attitude and spirit have paved the way for him to become a radio DJ. In the years since his debut on radio, his versatility and quick-wittedness have only broadened his appeal on radio, it has also helped him to be a part of several regional and local video and movie productions.

During his leisure time, he loves to cook and is well known for his delicious ondeh-ondeh. Jia Ming hosts 早早心情好 on weekdays from 6am to 10am on 88.3JIA.

From young, Ben developed a keen interest in music. He actively sought opportunities to nurture this interest. This exposure to the Chinese music and entertainment industry subsequently piqued his interest in the radio industry. He joined the station upon his graduation in 2012. Apart of radio and music, Ben has been a fitness enthusiast since his NS days as a Commando.

An easy-going individual, Ben never fails to brighten anyone’s day with his witty sense of humour. Ben hosts 早早心情好 on weekdays from 6am to 10am on 88.3JIA.

Shu Hui joined the airwaves in 2014 as a Radio DJ, and is known for her bright voice, relatable personality and humour. She is known to lift listeners up from the gloomiest of moods with her infectious laughter. She is effectively bilingual. Shu Hui enjoys travelling, swimming and a good cup of teh c kosong.
Resized image of Ivy

Charismatic, enthusiastic and possessing excellent communication skills, Ivy is a highly creative and dynamic individual who is effectively bilingual. Ivy began her radio journey as a radio personality in 2007 after emerging as the winner of a local radio talent search competition. Additionally, she has also dabbled in acting and voice-over work. Whether behind the scenes or on screen, Ivy delivers her work skilfully and with great professionalism.

In her free time, Ivy enjoys swimming, diving and underwater photography. Ivy hosts 午间到 on weekdays from 10am to 2pm on 88.3JIA.


One of the most stylish and best-known radio personalities, Jia Fa’s creative humour and charisma never cease to impress. What's more, he has been nominated for countless radio awards in his vast career. Effectively bilingual, Jia Fa is not only a radio voice, he is also a popular television host.

In addition to being a gym enthusiast, he is also passionate about travelling, food, music and entertainment. Besides being the station’s Senior Music Director, Jia Fa hosts 123下班咯 on weekdays from 4pm to 8pm on 88.3JIA.

Endowed with a great voice and infectious laughter, Weibin is a highly recognised radio presenter and voiceover talent. She is also musically inclined and has penned numerous songs for various renowned singers.

Weibin injects fun and wit into her hosting style, and has charmed many listeners, as well as clients alike! Weibin hosts 123下班咯  on weekdays from 4pm to 8pm on 88.3JIA.

Jimmy is effectively bilingual and has been in the industry for more than 15 years! Besides hosting formal events to spontaneous roadshows, Jimmy is also passionate about performing and has acted in various TV and online productions.

In his free time, Jimmy enjoys working out at the gym and travelling. Jimmy hosts 夜晚玩不完 on weekdays from 9pm to 12midnight on 88.3JIA.

A firm believer of being true to oneself, this sassy lass is definitely not one to mince her words on air. Her candour and outspoken character have endeared her to the station’s listeners. Shihan is passionate about Cantopop, and knows enough about the genre and artistes to be considered a walking Canto music Wikipedia.
In her own time, she loves trying new makeup products and also loves to eat and travel.

Join Shihan Mon to Fri, from 11am on 88.3JIA Cantopop livestream.

Photo of Melody (Si Yun) of 88.3JIA

Siyun has accumulated at least nine years of expertise in radio broadcasting, with a focus on Chinese news. However, her true passion lies in K-pop and Korean dramas! As the latest member of the 88.3JIA team, she aims to bring positive energy to the show with her melodic voice and infectious laughter. During her leisure time, Siyun enjoys watching Korean dramas, Japanese anime, and playing games. From time to time, treating herself to delicious food brings her immense joy.

Siyun hosts the 88.3JIA K-Pop livestream, Mondays to Fridays at 2.45pm.

With her witty sense of humour coupled with her bubbly and affectionate personality, Kaiying brings with her a ray of sunshine and positive vibes wherever she goes. She is effectively bilingual, and apart from running the airwaves, she plays an instrumental role as the station’s Programme Director. Not one to rest on her laurels, Kaiying has pursued her passion in wellness and is a certified TCM practitioner and acupuncturist.

For more information, please email us.


Want a quick roundup of what's happening in the world? Or maybe you'd like to know what's happening in the heavens above us? Or perhaps you just like to know how stuff works. Or how to say common phrases in Hokkien, Hakka and Cantonese. Our podcasts on the CAMOKAKIS App have got you covered with its selection of interviews to commentaries and well, sometimes nothing more than the facts of life.

The Tinkle Razor
Ryan Seacrest, iHeart
How do Smoke Detectors Work?
iHeart, TechStuff
At Your Service: Tim Cook
Dua Lipa
Why is the Ocean Different Colours?
iHeart, BrainStuff
The Price of Beauty
The Newsroom
Why does Guinness Track World Records?


HOMEGROWN is a livestream series featuring some of the best music makers the Lion City has to offer. Hosted by Joanna Francois and presented by the Music & Drama Company, the series features up-and-coming artistes as well as familiar faces, including Tay Kewei, ShiGGa Shay, Iman Fandi, Sezairi Sezali, Shelby Wang, Dru Chen, Jack & Rai and more. Catch the full line-up of HOMEGROWN artistes on the CAMOKAKIS App LIVE! section.


ShiGGa Shay_homegrown
ShiGGa Shay
Music & Drama Company
Dru Chen_Homegrown
Dru Chen
Music & Drama Company
Music & Drama Company
Shelby Wang_Homegrown
Shelby Wang
Music & Drama Company
Ralph Alvern
Music & Drama Company
Image for Lights Camera Action MDC50 music video
Lights, Camera, Action [MV]
Music & Drama Company
screenshot of Bunga Sayang performed by the Music and Drama Company dancers
Bunga Sayang
Music & Drama Company
The Night Night Show
Joanna & Jimmy
Glenn Yong appearing on 883JIA后台无限PLAY
Glenn Yong sings "告白气球"
Music & Drama Company
Dancers performing in Doors Open 2022
Doors Open: The Boys
Music & Drama Company
Jimmy in a skit for 笑笑没烦恼
Jimmy & Ivy


Short fun takes made just for you. Get more of these on the CAMOKAKIS App.


Cover image for Jimmy in Bangkok: Kanchanaburi Safari
Jimmy @ Kanchanaburi Safari
Cover image for Jiafa Mala Fried Chicken Ice Cream
"Mala" fried chicken ice cream!
Cover image for Ivy in Bali: Finding Nemo
Ivy in Bali: Finding Nemo
Cover image for DJ Challenge Jimmy and Weibin
88.3JIA DJ Challenge: Jimmy & Wei Bin
Jimmy and Weibin
Cover image for Jia Ming at Itoman Market
Itoman Farmer's Market
Sneaking in Tay-Tay's songs?
Let's Eat in Osaka
Joanna Francois
Image for Subiaco Farmers Market shorts
What's at Subiaco Market?
Hanbok Dress-Up Time
Ivy in Bali - Welcome to Les
Hidden Gem: Welcome to Les
Munching in Ikseon-Dong
A whiff of nostalgia

FAQS about the CAMOKAKIS App

Camokakis is an entertainment and lifestyle app offering you what you want when you want it, from music playlists to entertainment news to lifestyle insights. The app currently has 15 FREE MUSIC streams featuring various music genres – from K-pop to Canto-pop, Bossa Nova to love songs – that will suit your every mood, with more on the way. They are:

  • 88.3JIA (live on-air)
  • POWER 98 LOVE SONGS (live on-air)
  • 88.3JIA 网曲
  • 88.3JIA K-POP
  • POWER 98 RAW
  • LO-FI
  • ZEN

We also have 32 PODCASTS covering your favourite points of interest - from entertainment and lifestyle to news and current affairs; and a vertical dedicated to LOBANGS, where you can get tickets for shows, win prizes and have first dibs on the latest deals.

There is also a community of like-minded folks we like to call our KAKIS, who will give you their take on everyday life in our various interest groups. And of course, our newest feature, CK LIVE!, a video platform where you can watch livestreams as well as other videos.

CAMOKAKIS is made up of “Camo” (short-form for camouflage) and “Kakis” (a Singlish term meaning buddies or good friends). We want you to be our kaki and be entertained by our content – via the app, online or on-air.

You can download the App from the App Store and Play Store.

Nothing! You can get the Camokakis app for free.

Our app requires iOS 10.0 and up or Android OS 5.0 and up.

Unfortunately, due to copyright reasons, these music streams are only available in Singapore. You can tune in to 88.3JIA and POWER 98 LOVE SONGS when you are overseas.

Yes, of course. Drop us a line at [email protected] with all the details of your deal (eg, what the deal is, when it happens, etc). Do leave us your contact and we will try our best to include your deal(s).

You can write to us at [email protected] and we will get in touch with you as soon as we can.

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